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Ruote Mavic Crossmax SL e XL Carbon in arrivo?


Mavic ha appena annunciato il loro supporto per gli eventi in MTB con una sponsorizzazione del Leadville 100, dove forniranno ruote e supporto tecnico di base in punti strategici lungo il percorso.

L’azienda sta usando il mega evento nel mese di agosto per lanciare tutti i nuovi prodotti fra pneumatici e le prossime ruote Crossmax SL e XL in carbonio.

Le nuove ruote carbon saranno con sistema hookless? Con canale più ampio rispetto alle versioni in alluminio che sono di 19 mm per le SL e 23 mm per le XL?

Solo all’avvicinarsi dell’evento si sapranno meglio le nuove caratteristiche, le ruote Mavic in alluminio si sono già dimostrate rigide, resistenti e molto versatili per la destinazione d’uso, le nuove carbon potrebbero essere ancora più rigide e più resistenti.

Comunicato Stampa: Mavic, a leading manufacturer of bike systems and riders’ equipment, has partnered with the Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike (MTB) race series produced by Life TimeSM, The Healthy Way of Life Company, to provide the first-ever mobile neutral support to the biggest and most influential cross country mountain bike race in North America. The partnership is multi-year and Mavic will also be the official wheel supplier and sponsor of the entire Blueprint for Athletes Leadville MTB Series.

Since 1972, Mavic’s neutral support has provided mechanical assistance to road bike races throughout the world. Regardless of team, riders entrust Mavic’s famous yellow car to assist them when in need. In order to adapt to the variable nature of mountain bike racing, Mavic will provide on-course support via multiple motorcycles, wagons, with designated Special Service Course tents along the trail, all stocked with experienced mechanics to keep the racers pedaling forward. Mavic will use this opportunity to expand its efforts in neutral support for mountain bike races as well as launching the new Carbon Crossmax SL/XL WTS.

“We look forward to becoming part of the legendary “Race Across the Sky,” assisting riders to complete something they have been training for and dreaming of,” says Mike Wilson, North American brand manager for Mavic. “The logistical difficulties of supporting a 100-mile mountain biking event will be great but our expanding team is up for the challenge. We were the first ones to provide neutral support in road racing so it’s only fitting that we are the ones that will help pave the trail too.”

First rode in 1994, the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race is one of the oldest and best-known 100-mile mountain bike races in the world. Due to growing popularity, a race entry is only secured by completing one of the races in the Leadville Qualifying Series (25-100 qualifying slots) or entering a drawing, which opened December 1. The course runs throughout the Colorado Rockies above Leadville, Colorado. Riders must be physically prepared for the distance while also being acclimated to the high altitude as the race reaches 12,424 feet above sea level. The mountain biking series began as an addition to the historic Leadville Trail 100 Run, both of which were started by Ken Chlouber in an effort to boost the economy in Leadville.

“It’s a real thrill for our Leadville team to have Mavic on board for the 2016 Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 MTB,” says race director, Josh Colley. “Our riders will now receive the best on-course support available to make the race more competitive than ever.”

Prior to Leadville on August 13, 2016, Mavic will provide neutral support during at least two additional mountain biking events within the Leadville Trail MTB series.

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