Jerome Clementz infortunio e stagione finita

Jerome Clementz sarà fuori gioco per almeno 3 mesi in seguito alla caduta di domenica (video) e quindi la stagione per lui è compromessa.

L’infortunio è più pesante del previsto con lussazione grave alla spalla sinistra e legamenti strappati, verrà operato a Strasburgo il 26 maggio ed il rientro è previsto in ottobre a Finale Ligure.

Comunicato ufficiale:

This week-end was not the one for Jérôme. By racing the French Enduro Cup in Blausasc, Jérôme had a bad crash : in a sprinting section, his pedal reached a rock and Jérôme went on the ground. He fell directly on his left shoulder.

During this hard crash, he dislocated his shoulder and ripped all the ligaments around his shoulder.

After speaking with a specialist this morning, he decides to undergo surgery in order to come back at 100%.

The operation will take place on the 26th in Strasbourg (France). 3 months recovery is needed for Jérôme before riding again his bike.

“Off course it’s a big disappointment, to end the season this way, especially after this strong start and all the work of the winter, but it’s not in my spirit  to attend a race at 80%, I like to be flat out and give my best.

I’ve been lucky so far with injury and I always consider this situation as a possibility in my career. I always said myself that in this case I’ll choose the best long term solution for my body and my career.

I’m only 30 and I want to keep a body in good conditions, to be competitive and healthy in the future. Racing is only a part of my love for MTB and I want also to be able to enjoy my rides in a long term perspective.”

He will miss the main Enduro World Series 2014 but he will try to come back end of the season eventually for Finale Ligure.

“I’m sad not to be able to fight for an other title of the EWS, but I’m excited to see my friends  fight for the overall. I’m sure the battle will be awesome and will provide a legitimate champion at the end of the season. ”

After the surgery, Jerome will follow some intense rehabilitation program in order to fully recover.

“I want to thanks everybody for their messages of support and my partners for staying behind me in these moments, I’m grateful to have so many supports and it helps me to keep the smile on my face.”


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